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General Information

CCGS (stands for Climate Change Global Services) is the world’s leading provider of services and expertise in climate change mitigation which includes GHG management and GHG emissions reduction, energy management as well as sustainable energy generation and supply.

World presence

CCGS is a global company with the headquarters based in Brussels (Belgium) and operating entities located all over the world including Russia (Moscow, Arkhangelsk), China (Beijing), Indonesia (Jakarta), Vietnam (Hanoi), Singapore and South Africa (Cape Town). North America and Australia are next on the agenda.

In Africa and SEA the company operates under “Blue World Carbon (BWC)” brand name which used to be the name of a local company CCGS acquired in South Africa back in 2009.

World presence


The Company’s activity encompasses:



Over the past years the Company’s staff members have:



We are proud to have among our clients the world biggest companies including Surgutneftegas, LUKOIL, NOVATEK, EVRAZ, ArcelorMittal, TMK, Vorkutaugol, Quadra – Generating Company, International Paper, Mondi, ILIM Group, Archangelsk pulp-and-paper mill (PPM), Volga PPM, Solombala PPM, Solombala Sawmill, Sawmill 25, KronoStar and others.

Presentation of CCGS

GHG Management and Energy Efficiency Cooperation Proposal 

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